The Home Temple



Annual Programme 8 sessions of 1.5 hours via Zoom, over 12 months.
Personal email support in between sessions with Stacey.

From 7pm AEST April 18.

This is a joyous skills-based programme geared around the Wheel of the Year and setting up an enjoyable and deep witchcraft practise. Each lesson is timed before each major celebration on the Wheel and within this cyclic filter, we learn how to grow our year with sacredness and ease.

We will cover:

  • Why it’s important to have a regular practise that is perfect for you.
  • The Temple systems of ancient cultures like Greece,Rome and Egypt.
  • Why an altar is important and how to change it according to the celebrations and cycles
  • The lunar cycle and its magic and how to ride the cycles!
  • Using all our senses in the temple and why this increases our magical power.
  • Deities: How to choose a Patron or Patroness and sustain a reciprocal relationship
  • A deep dive into each of the seasonal celebrations and how they can benefit you in mind, body and spirit.
    And more…

We begin with the celebration of Samhain (Witch’s New Year) a few weeks prior to the date. Our programme begins April 18.

All live sessions are recorded for your convenience.
Dates: April 18,May 23, July 18, August 29, October 10, December 5, January 23 (2025), March 6 (2025).

$650 including either a 2025 Lunar & Seasonal Diary or a “Universal Oracle” or an “Elemental Oracle.”

Ask us about payment plans.
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