Things to be Mindful of

Casting Guidelines

Here are some lists of useful guidelines for safe and successful casting…

General Guidelines

  • Spellcraft is an effective process and so please ensure you treat it with respect. Do not ever cast if you cannot concentrate clearly on your intention and focus. Never cast drunk for example.
  • Create sacred protective space: Cast a circle or at the very least cleanse the energy of your space before starting. If you cast outside in nature (a favourite with many witches including me), offer the genus loci (spirit of the place) a small gift prior to the spell being cast (some water, a hair from your head, a flower) so that you are honouring the energies and asking for their assistance.
  • Never ever interfere with free will. Please see the special guidelines below for love/lust spells as this is where most people get tempted to cross the line.
  • Gather everything you need well ahead of time so you are not stressed.
  • Never leave candles unattended and ensure herbs are not accessible to children or animals.
  • ENJOY yourself…a pleasurable spell is usually a great spell!

Special Guidelines for Love/Lust spells:


  • DO be thoughtful about the kind of energies you wish to attract. Love and Lust can have two very different consequences.
  • DO take your time and consider the attributes of a prospective mate/qualities in an existing mate, that you desire. Don’t ask for what you think you should want…ask for what you really want.
  • DO repeat spells as boosters over repeated full moons.
  • DO be ready for powerful responses! Lust spells in particular work fast!
  • DO use protection unless you are happy to get pregnant. Lust and love spells call up Fertility and Creative energies…you have been warned!
  • DO have fun and really let yourself go…love spells should have an element of chaos to them.


  • DON’T ever cast a spell for a particular individual to ‘fall in love’ or lust with you. This is against the Harm None rede.
  • DON’T just cast a spell and not participate.
  • DON’T cast a love spell and not be prepared for change.
  • DON’T cast a lust or love spell at inappropriate time. Eg; Lust spell at work is not a good idea!
  • DON’T cast a lust spell on a waning moon cycle if at all possible. Waning moon is better for spells where you wish to free of unwanted attention.

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