From Stacey’s book shelf

Recommended Reading

There is just so much information out there on Witchcraft and all things magical that I thought I would suggest some resources that I found worthwhile to save you all some time and internet hours!

All the resources here are tried and tested and ‘witch-friendly’. As I receive no ‘kickbacks’ at all from any of them, they come from a place of integrity. If you have any resource you wish to share, email me, Ill check them out and add them if they are the ‘real thing.’


Books by Stacey Demarco

  • Witch in the Boardroom
  • Witch in the Bedroom
  • The Coffee Oracle
  • No Excuses Guide to Soulmates (co-written with Jade Sky)
  • No Excuses Guide to Purpose (co-written with Jade Sky)
  • The God & Goddess Gift Book
  • Earth Air Fire Water
  • Plants of Power (co-written with Miranda Mueller)
  • The Enchanted Moon
  • Priestess Path
  • And the annual Lunar & Seasonal Diary (southern and northern hemispheres)

Oracle decks by Stacey Demarco

  • Goddess and Sirens
  • Gods and Titans
  • Earth Power
  • Halloween Oracle
  • Gospel of Aradia
  • Viking Oracle
  • Queen of the Moon
  • Divine Animals
  • The Elemental Oracle
  • Moon Magick
  • Deep, Dark and Dangerous
  • Wishcraft
  • Oracle of the Universe



  • Skyhawk
  • Scott Cunningham
  • Patricia Monaghan
  • Dorothy Morrison
  • Janet Farrah and Gavin Bone


  • Raymond Buckland
  • Scott Cunningham
  • Robert Tisserand
  • Judith Jackson

Specific Subjects

  • Deities: I believe when it comes to certain subjects original sources are best. If you want to know about various gods or goddesses look for ancient texts first! Do your research! If you are interested in the Norse read translations of the ancient Norse texts like the Prose Edda. If its Greek or Roman or Egyptian gods and goddesses that you like- well you are in luck there are loads of amazing original mythos and information from so many authors including Homer and Herodotus. I love the site as a starting point.
  • Archetypes: “Sacred Contracts” by Caroline Myss
  • Women’s Power & Mythos: “Women Who Run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
  • Witchcraft in Australia: “Under the Southern Sky” by Douglas Ezzy
  • Animal Totems: anything by Jamie Sams
  • Animals as Companions/Allies from a scientific point of view: Anything by Jeffrey Masson or Temple Grandin.“She Flies Without Wings” by Mary D.Midkiff, “Dogs that know when their Owners are Coming Home” by Rupert Sheldrake, ” In Defence of Dogs” by John Bradshaw.
  • Creating Scared Space: – “Sacred Space” by Denise Linn
  • Ethical Eating: “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer , “The Ominvores Dilemma” by Michael Pollan
  • Environmental Activism: Anything by Bill McGibbon.


  1. Longevity: “Outlive” by Dr. Peter Attia.
  2. Creativity and Inspiration: “Stealing Fire” by Steven Kotler & Jamie Wheal
  3. “Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow” Daniel Kahneman
  4. “Phosphorescence” by Julia Baird.
  5. “The Writers Journey” Julia Cameron