Getting Back To Our Roots

What Is Paganism?

For the purposes of brevity I will describe paganism here as an umbrella term for spiritual practices that are earth/nature honouring…

Just as Christianity can be seen as an umbrella term describing those who honour Christ, Paganism could be seen as an umbrella term for those who honour the elements and nature. Just as underneath the Christianity umbrella there are many traditions – for example, Catholic, Church of England, Mormon, Protestant, Baptist etc- under the Paganism banner we could place indigenous practices such as Australian Aboriginal, Finnish Sami, Inuit, Native American, animist and witchcraft, druidism, etc.

A large amount of people express that they feel most connected within or even just watching nature. They feel decidedly better after a swim in the sea, feel awed by a mountain, overcome by the beauty of a sunset or a natural view, moved by the excitement of a flash of lightning, humbled in the best way by a glimpse of a proud creature slipping through a secret forest. They pay this nature great attention and their spirits are deeply moved. By definition, that’s pagan. That is a pagan view. That makes a hell of a lot of people pagan.

Stacey Demarco

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