Anatomy of a Spell

Why do spells work?

For a detailed explanation to this question, check out the chapter that answers this in my bestselling book, “There’s a Witch in the Boardroom”. The short answer is dependant upon whether you wish to go the Spiritual or Scientific route. Or both.

The Spiritual

We are connected to all things including the Divine. The Divine assists us in achieving our intentions. We take steps towards what we need and desire and the Divine meets us more than half way. Magic happens.

The Scientific

Spells speak the language of the Subconscious. The Subconscious is the part of the mind that directs us towards our goals and dreams. It’s where ideas come from and where creativity is based.

Anatomy of a Spell

Most spells and rituals are constructed with the same five elements:

  • Focus: Decide on what you want, gather your tools, open your Circle
  • Purpose & Intention: What is the clear purpose of the spell, and what is it that you intend to do.
  • Raising Power: Generating energy to send out your purpose and intention out into the Universe. Common ways of raising power include chanting, deep breathing, drawing energy from the earth, dancing, recalling past memories of powerful experiences.
  • Releasing & Grounding: What method will you use to release the substantial power you have raised, and once sent, how do you stop generating extra energy so you can get back into the ‘real’ world.
  • Participation: Very important and often forgotten! What real-life steps are you going to take to start your journey towards your purpose and intention. Best recorded in your Book of Shadows

The way you express these basic elements is always very individual. This unique personalisation is partially what makes Witchcraft so empowering. Depending on the purpose of the Spell or Ritual, dedicated energy raising and grounding may or may not be necessary but it’s my experience that the majority do.

Surprisingly, people have most trouble getting clear about what they really want; the purpose and intention part. For example: It is not enough to decide that the purpose of your spell is to simply get more money.
It is far more effective to ask yourself further questions like: How do I see this money best coming to me? How much money? When do I want it? What do I need more money for? Answers to these questions may give you a sharper focus and clearer purpose and intention, which of course lead to faster and more satisfying results.

Those new to casting spells also worry about creating a good enough chant. As long as it makes sense to you, it covers something of your purpose and intention and it is easy to repeat…it’s more than fine! It’s perfect! During my workshops I encourage participants to really relax, let rip and have fun when they are leaning to write chants. In fact, the chants that are the funniest are often the most powerful!

Tips on Grounding

Grounding is necessary to release and siphon off extra energy. It signals a change back into the ‘ordinary’ world. Symptoms of excess energy include a tingling sensation in the hands, arms and feet, buzzing feeling in your head, feeling either very charged up or extremely dreamy.

Recommended ways to ground yourself include:
:: Palms Down Technique: place your palms flat against the ground…preferably the earth, sand or vegetation. Imagine sending the energy back to Mother Earth where she can recycle it for growth and healing.
:: Eat something substantial eg; a big steak, or go for the traditional ‘cakes and ale’.
:: Taking a long, hot bath with all the goodies in it.
:: Sex
:: Exercising…anything you like but get out of your head and into your body in the real world. I suggest running round the block, walking the dog, wrestling the cat, playing your favourite dance track whilst dancing round your living room.

DO NOT pat or place your hands on your animal companions when you are still buzzing or tingling from a Spell. They do not need this extra energy! I know of one cat who raced around the house for 6 hours straight after their human decided it might be a good idea to ground themselves by petting her. She got her own back by destroying a screen door, a favourite vase and completely freaking the dog out.

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