Creating Prosperity



Annual Programme 3 sessions of 1.5 hours via Zoom, over 3 months.
Personal email support in between sessions with Stacey.

From 7pm AEST July 2

Prosperity isn’t just about money- it’s about creating a life rich in abundance, love and peace of mind- but yes, it is also about money!

Stacey’s first book, the best seller “ Witch in the Boardroom” was revolutionary in the way it treated magic and prosperity for individuals and for those with businesses. We can build a

  • Learn why witches have always been good with abundance and growth
  • Learn the best lunar, solar and seasonal timings for creating prosperity
  • Learn how to create effective rituals and spells for the kind of prosperity you need
  • Discover the best deities that can assist you for your own needs whether that be business, creativity, cash flow and wise investments.
  • Discover the best plant allies to increase money and flow.
  • How to attract prosperity and abundance energy into your home and clear stagnant energy.
    And more!

All live sessions are recorded for your convenience.
Dates: July 2, Aug 6, Sept 3

$235 including either a copy of “Witch in the Boardroom” or the “2025 Lunar & Seasonal Diary”
More information contact Richard on