South, North, East, West

Calling the Quarters

Quarters: directional quarters of the earth/each has a guardian or spirit

The Spiritual

Man was said to be made up of 4 elements and thus we call in all parts of ourselves and the Divine.

If you are in a group Circle, you can use individuals to call in the Quarters. If you are a Solitary, you can honour each direction yourself using any of the ways suggested below.

If you are wanting to cast a spell for a particular purpose, you may like to pay extra attention to the particular quarter which aligns itself to your desire. For example: Achieving a desire Fire/North.

The following alignments are for the Southern Hemisphere.

Earth: South

  • Salt, earth, oils such as Oak Moss, Patchouli
  • Standing on earth, sprinkling of earth and salt, anointing
  • Resilience, order, law, politics, education, security, money.
  • Green/brown
  • Night

Fire: North

  • Candles, open flame of any kind, oils such as pepper, ginger, frankincense
  • Lighting flame, passing flame around the circle, anointing with oil.
  • Masculine-sun
  • Red
  • Passion, purpose, strength, achievement, destruction of what is not needed
  • Noon

Air: East

  • Incense, fragrance, smoke, kite, balloons, oils such as bergamot, lime, eucalyptus
  • Smudging, blowing smoke, bubbles, bells, singing bowls.
  • Communication, creativity, logic, travel, new beginnings, ideas,flow.
  • Yellow
  • Dawn

Water: West

  • Salt water, moon water, shells, rain, oils such as rose, ylang ylang
  • Anointing with water, passing the cup
  • Feminine-moon
  • Blue
  • Relationships, love, psychic connection, birth/death/rebirth
  • Dusk

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