October 12, 2023 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Via Zoom

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The Priestess Path

 6 months x 1.5 hours via zoom, email support.

From 12th October  , 2023.

 The Priestess Path offers 13 powerful lessons on building unshakeable power from the inside out and leadership and sacred service. Through mythos, gods and goddesses and the guidance of the ancients, deep half year training is offered that will benefit everyone who is dedicated to a new kind of empowerment.

In the ancient world, the priestesses were the wise women who served the people and were the active conduit between the gods and their messages. They offered healing, leadership, wisdom, protection and insight all within the framework of inspiring sacred service.

In this uncertain world, building a firm personal foundation that weathers the chaos and remains steady and flexible is key to mental, physical and spiritual strength and happiness.

We examine the ancient wheel of the year and a god and Goddess each month as guides towards working the lessons.This is deep work and so will be offered only to those who have some grounding in witchcraft and paganism.

Enquire with Richard to see if this is for you. Small numbers only.

 AUD$525 for 6 months.

You will be expected to do work in between sessions.

Includes notes, email support and a copy of Stacey’s new book, “The Priestess Path”

All lessons recorded on Zoom for your convenience.

 Dates :Oct 12, Nov 16 ,Dec 14, Jan 11, Feb 29, Mar 21