The Viking Oracle


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“Viking Oracle – Wisdom of the Ancient Norse”

The Vikings: They were the masters of the frozen north, unsurpassed navigators, a people who the word ‘boundary’ meant nothing to except as a concept to break- and they possessed one of the oldest and most fascinating spiritual practises that ever existed. Discover the Norse way of seeing the world, the power of loyalty, the importance of courage and of weaving oneself with the Divine every day through the magical practices handed down by the gods themselves.

From the Gods and Goddesses like Odin, Thor, Freya and Skadi, through to the melodic messages of the poetic Eddas, the wisdom of the Havamal and to the runes both binding and divinatory – the Viking Oracle explores them all. Within the deck is a full representation of the Elder Furthark Runes, which you can separate for rune readings or integrate with the other cards.

Receive accurate advice, good counsel and explore the ancient power of ‘wyrd’ (what is and what will be) now through the power of the “Viking Oracle”.

The boxed deck includes:

45 oracle cards with a comprehensive Guidebook.






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