Queen of the Sun Oracle PRE-SALE



Queen of the Sun Presale Offer:

This is Stacey’s latest deck, illustrated by Kinga Britschigi.

You’ll receive the Oracle Deck, signed and messaged by Stacey, a discount on RRP, and a free gift of a crystal charged at the Summer Solstice (Litha) by Stacey to give power to your deck and yourself. (Leave it out under the summer solstice all day to recharge in years to come).

PLEASE NOTE: We expect delivery of this deck around mid August so delivery will be at this time. Should you be ordering this deck with other items all will be sent together once we have stock of the deck.

About “Queen of the Sun Oracle”:

A sister deck to the bestselling “Queen of the Moon Oracle”, this oracle focuses on solar power: powerful, extroverted, fertile and expansive.

It details cycles and seasonal aspects, with a spectacular 11-year solar cycle to observe as well as the cycles of the Celtic Wheel of the Year and phenomena like eclipses and flares. It also features the wisdom of amazing goddesses and gods of the sun from all over the world.

This is a powerful and stunning deck perfect for divination and gives focussed guidance.

44 Full Colour cards, with full colour booklet.