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This is Stacey’s latest book and it’s not just a book, it’s a movement!

In the ancient world, priestesses were wise women who delivered messages from the gods. They also served the people, offering healing, virtue, leadership, and insight.

In our modern times, women’s responsibilities can be overwhelming. When you’re juggling a high-powered job, caring for your young family and even your elderly parents, when can you find time for yourself, let alone offer service to the wider world?

This practical guide offers lessons both ancient and modern to help us to rise into our own inner power. It invites us to look to the timeless mythos of the cultures of the world for direction to build resilience, strength, and confidence as well as our capacity for profound joy, creativity, and focused action.

Priestess Path will inspire you to be more ethically powerful, make a positive difference to your community and to the planet – and, in turn, inspire others.

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