The Gospel of Aradia Oracle

The story of Aradia is steeped in mystery. Was she a goddess or a flesh-and-blood woman? To some she was the first witch, to others the leader of a resistance movement, and still to more, a wise teacher with female disciples. A spiritual mentor and a powerful role model for women to aspire to, Aradia travelled throughout medieval Italy and Europe teaching the ways of the Divine Feminine.

Earth Power Oracle

Everyone has felt a place of incredible power – be it a natural sanctuary, a breathtaking landscape, an ancient temple, a colossal shrine, the haunting ruins of a lost civilisation or even simply a sacred space in the home or garden. Many of the places on this extraordinary planet hold an energy that goes far beyond their physical beauty to stir within us the most powerful feelings of awe and wonder.

Gods & Titans – Oracle Cards

“Gods & Titans” Oracle Cards by Stacey Demarco and Illustrated by Jimmy Manton: Dedicated completely and only to the Masculine Divine!

There was a time when Gods and Goddesses, the masculine and feminine Divine, co-existed equally and were honoured side by side. Yet with the passing of time this sacred union was lost. It’s now time to restore the balance!

Goddesses & Sirens Oracle Cards

There was a time when Goddesses and Gods, the Feminine and Masculine Divine, were the two halves of a creative whole and were honoured deeply in that way. Yet, with the coming of new religions, the Feminine Divine became feared, disrespected and almost lost to the world. Again, She rises!

The Halloween Oracle

Harness the eerie power of Halloween every night of the year with traditional symbols of the celebration as well as encountering black cats, vampire, zombies, skeletons,werewolves, witches and of course energies from the Mexican day of the Dead tradition like the Lady de los Muertos and exquisite magical skulls. Created by Stacey Demarco and illustrated by Jimmy Manton.

The Viking Oracle

The Vikings: They were the masters of the frozen north, unsurpassed navigators, a people who the word ‘boundary’ meant nothing to except as a concept to break- and they possessed one of the oldest and most fascinating spiritual practises that ever existed. Discover the Norse way of seeing the world, the power of loyalty, the importance of courage and of weaving oneself with the Divine every day through the magical practices handed down by the gods themselves.

Queen of the Moon Oracle

For countless millennia, humans have connected to the mystical power of the moon and the energy of the seasons. For our ancient ancestors, the earliest veneration and sacred honouring was of the Moon, the seasons, the cycles of light and dark, hot and cold and fertility and rest, and this stunningly illustrated ‘Queen of the Moon Oracle’ allows you, the modern seeker, to plug into these, the most primal energies of all.

Divine Animals Oracle

The voices and energy of our animal kin have always been a part of our human experience, across almost all cultures and timeframes. The stories of their relationships with the Goddesses and Gods entwined the two energies into a Divine form. Now is the time again, for us to reconnect with this powerful partnership.

Moon Magick

More and more of us are choosing to deeply connect with the cycles of the moon. These cards enable you to connect with and tap into the magic of the lunar cycle with a wise affirmation you can integrate into your world simply and powerfully, allowing the moon to guide you just as she always has for millennia.

The Elemental Oracle

Our ancestors harnessed the power of earth, air, fire and water, lunar and solar, dark and light and the four directions. All of these have been key parts of pagan and witchcraft traditions for millennia. Now we add the alchemy of science: from the smallest atom to the greatest sun, from magnetism to electricity, from the fiercest storm to the stillness of gravity. Now you can connect to and unleash this powerful weaving of true magic!

Deep, Dark and Dangerous

Explore the famous and rare entities of the ‘dark’ so your own life can be illuminated. From the iconic Medusa, to mermaids, Valkyries, vampires, selkies and sibyls, you can find illumination in the deep, dark and dangerous. Stunning images and the mythos and ancient stories of the world’s deep, dark and dangerous creatures, goddess and gods, heroes and shadows.

Oracle of the Universe

This oracle captures the spiritual wisdom from the known universe: the individual energies, twinkling stars, greatest fiery suns, mysterious black holes, spinning galaxies, shining constellations and all the planets great and small. Humans have always been fascinated by the night sky and the spin of the planets. The earliest cave paintings feature the stars, the sun, the moon and constellations all woven into mythos, stories and lessons. Every day we learn that little bit more about the vastness of space.

Wishcraft Oracle

Children and adults alike love to make wishes and this magic is a part of our lives. From blowing out candles to wishing on a shooting star, wishcraft is an example of everyday magic.

There are three key things to remember when doing wishcraft:<
The first is to be as clear as you can about your wish.
The second is to have fun: let go, celebrate, be creative, be in the moment!
The third is that YOU are the magic. Without you, without your unique energy in the world, the magic, the wishcraft, cannot work.