The Power of Nature Goddesses

If we could time travel back to ancient societies and see who and how they worshipped, we would not be surprised to find that almost every culture featured goddesses that looked after nature, wild places and later, agriculture. Across ancient Greece, Rome, Sumeria, Hawaii, Egypt, Africa, Britain, Norselands and Europe- all had Goddesses that had nature as their sovereignty.

Learning how to align and work with Goddesses such as these is a loving call back to our most simple yet powerful birthright, that of being daughters and sons of Mother Nature. We learn to balance our lives better, ground and shield, invite calmness and confidence and live authentically rich lives.

  • Discover nature goddesses across the world and find a patroness.
  • How to make offerings and altars to these deity.
  • What lessons do nature goddesses share with us through mythos and how can we benefit?
  • We learn how to align ourselves with the power of the seasons for better health, prosperity, creativity and more reciprocity.

We meet throughout the year, through the elemental filter of the seasons Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

4 meetings with Stacey and personal email support and facebook group in between.

7-8.30pm  Live zoom, February, May, August, November. All meetings are recorded for your convenience. Notes are supplied.


You must register here to receive the zoom code and we have limited numbers, as usual, so get in quickly!



What doesn’t Stacey do?

I am not a medium and those who are seeking specific contact with people who have passed should see a medium. We are happy to recommend great mediums should you contact us through our contact page. I proudly work according to ethical laws of Witchcraft and as such will not involve myself with interfering with free will or dark magic. To give some examples of this, I will not cast curses, send negative energy to another nor cast spells upon others. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS. In the case of love spells, I have regular positive results in obtaining ideal relationships without casting for a specific person. Yes, you can do love spells ethically with great power if you know how!

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