Moonstruck: Practical Lunar Magic

Learn about Lunar Magic from the author of the annual Lunar & Seasonal Diary and the worldwide bestseller “Queen of the Moon”.

  • Learn how to work with the whole lunar cycle- it’s not just about the full moon!
  • How to create and cast spells involving lunar energies.
  • How our bodies are affected by the lunar cycle
  • Working with the tides 
  • Planting and harvesting by the moon
  • Begin to work with the  Goddesses and Gods of the Moon from all over the world.
  • And more!

3 live zoom meetings with Stacey and personal email support and facebook group in between. All meetings are recorded for your convenience. Notes are supplied.

September, October, November 2025. All meetings are recorded for your convenience. 

$255 with a Queen of the Moon Oracle deck sent to you. $225 without deck.

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What doesn’t Stacey do?

I am not a medium and those who are seeking specific contact with people who have passed should see a medium. We are happy to recommend great mediums should you contact us through our contact page. I proudly work according to ethical laws of Witchcraft and as such will not involve myself with interfering with free will or dark magic. To give some examples of this, I will not cast curses, send negative energy to another nor cast spells upon others. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS. In the case of love spells, I have regular positive results in obtaining ideal relationships without casting for a specific person. Yes, you can do love spells ethically with great power if you know how!

For further information and testimonials, contact us using the form on the contact page.