Protective Magic- Defend, Clear, Empower @ Via Zoom
Feb 9 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


Protective Magic- Defend, Clear, Empower.

Annual Programme 12 sessions of 1.5 hours via Zoom, over 12 months.

From February 9.

One of the oldest kinds of witchcraft is that of protective magic. Discover how you can ethically and effectively banish negative energy, defend against purposeful negative casting, protect your home and business and of course experience more empowerment, peace and flow.

In this authentic year-long programme we learn:

  • The history of protective/defensive magic.
  • The circles of protection: you, your home, others.
  • The role of spells, ritual and other workings
  • Curses and thrown negative magic: How to diagnose, protect, dispel and renew
  • Home and work protection
  • Lunar & Solar cycles and how they assist us with protection
  • The role of protective gods,goddesses and other energies.
  • Amulets and Talismans

And more….

This is a practical course and work is expected to be completed each month for best results. All sessions recorded for your convenience.

$775 including a “Deep, Dark & Dangerous” or  Deck “The Enchanted Moon” & pack of materials.

Ask us about payment plans.

We start in Feb 9, so please ensure you are booked early.

Dates : Feb 9,March 9,April 20,May 11,June15,July 6,Aug 10,Sept 7,Oct 5,Nov 9,Dec 7,Jan 18

10% discount to those who have completed another annual programme with us.

Discovering Witchcraft: @ Via Zoom
Mar 16 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Discovering Witchcraft


Discovering Witchcraft:

2 x 2 hour sessions, via Zoom, March 16 and 30.

Learn from Stacey Demarco, a Witch and author with over 25 years of teaching experience.

Witchcraft can be a highly misunderstood path, but Stacey will show you why the Witches Way has been the rational and spiritual choice for improving lives for thousands of years. Plus it’s fun!

In this workshop you will:

  • Discover the history of Witchcraft
  • Learn why and how spells work
  • Create your own spells and write your own chants
  • Learn about magical timings and plant allies.
  • Discover which Goddesses are working with you right now.
  • Cast a number of spells that really work in assisting you to make personal positive change in your life.
  • Learn to open a sacred space and work with the nature and the elements.
  • Understand the lunar cycle and how Witches use it
  • Discover the Wheel of the Year.

All levels welcome.

$220 including notes, email support and a copy of “Witch in the Boardroom”.