Goddesses & Gods – Embrace the Power Gift Book

Allow the beauty, extraordinary power and complete love of these energies to inspire, transform and heal you. Work together with them in co-creation to manifest greater happiness, prosperity, peace and divine connection in your life. Harness their powerful energy through the vivid illustrations, and original prayers and proven rituals that accompany them in this richly designed yet highly practical guide to engaging with their profound magic.

The No Excuses Guide to Soulmates

Metaphysicist and Witch Stacey Demarco and Medium Jade-Sky, are offering a  ‘no excuses’ way to attract the relationship you really want, cleanse a toxic heart, clear your patterns (both past life and this life) and make space and attract a delicious new relationship. Readers can learn how to identify the four different kinds of soul mates each person has, and see how this knowledge can assist in a better selection of suitable mates.

There’s a Witch in the Boardroom

Can you ever mix your spirituality with your working life? Must cut-throat tactics and backstabbing be synonymous with getting ahead? Does success in the corporate world equal spiritless, energy-draining drudgery? Can you find your purpose and still make money? Successful business leader and experienced Witch Stacey Demarco, insists that spirituality and business are not mutually exclusive.

Earth Air Fire Water

– A 40-Day and 40-Night Transformative Healing Journey”
Stacey Demarco

EARTH AIR FIRE WATER is a transformational guided meditation journey designed to bring about personal healing and wellbeing through the balancing of the four elements – Air, Water, Earth & Fire- within your energetic and spiritual bodies.

Plants of Power

In these times of climate change and uncertainty, people everywhere are looking for ways to reclaim their relationship with the land and take back their health and confidence with the help of plants.

Plants of Power is a modern guide to the foundational plants you can grow in your own garden apothecary. Reconnect with the natural world, discover age-old wisdom and tap into the power of plants to help us, whether for mood, healing, love or other aspects of our lives.

The Enchanted Moon

The ultimate book of authentic lunar ceremonies, spells, mythos, and science, The Enchanted Moon will transform and inspire you.
Bestselling author Stacey Demarco reveals the alchemy of lunar science to show you how moon cycles work for magic, balance, health, and self-realization and how ancient and modern rituals will help you get the most power from those cycles.

Lunar and Seasonal Diary

Uniquely, the 2024 Lunar & Seasonal Diary comes complete with Gods and Goddesses for each month and exclusive spells and invocations to not only connect with them, but more deeply to your authentic self. Every month there is space to set your intentions, get clear about your ‘must–do’s’ and record your experiences of growth.

Priestess Path

This is Stacey’s latest book and it’s not just a book, it’s a movement!

In the ancient world, priestesses were wise women who delivered messages from the gods. They also served the people, offering healing, virtue, leadership, and insight.